Phoenix Historic Preservation Office Update

It appears a lot of people have made their opinion on the future of the Historic Preservation Office in Phoenix heard. In a past post we asked people to take action and let Deputy City Manager David Krietor know how important the Historic Preservation Office is and will be to the future of Phoenix. I too sent a letter (see below) and received the following response.

Gene ,

Thank you. Like the other Functions reporting to  the City Managers Office Historic Preservation is extremely important.  In order to set a good example for the rest of the City we have significantly reduced the staffing in the Managers Office. We don’t have the capacity to provide the support that HP needs.  In looking at consolidation options we have focused on keeping the HP Office intact as a separate operating unit reporting directly to a Department Head.  Perhaps as critical from my perspective is to maintain the energy and enthusiasm of the HP Commission and the many Phoenix residents who care about having a viable central city.

david krietor

This is great news for the City and its residence. As we have discussed, historic preservation is important and vital to the well being of our city.

Her is a copy of the letter sent by the Urban Connection Team:

Dear David,

I just wanted to express my concerns about the future of Historic Preservation. As a Realtor I have witnessed the value, both here and in California, of strong historic preservation. The downtown and central regions offer splendid examples of how preservation of our historical homes and buildings has added incredible value to the neighborhoods and city.

I STRONGLY urge you to do every thing possible to ensure the historic preservation office has the power and authority to continue and expand their fine work. Expanding their influence is an economically wise decision as historic preservation adds to the value of our neighborhoods and community.

We need HP to have an unimpeded oversight role in the future development of our city. Please do not enact any policy changes that will water-down their effectiveness. If possible, do all you can do to give them greater authority to protect our historical heritage. The stories of our history are often told by the homes and buildings in the community and stories are what give a city its long term value and importance.

Thank you for your help in preserving our past, present and future.

Thanks to everyone who got behind this issue and helped voice the importance of historic preservation. together we can make a difference.

Gene & Ron Urban
Your Urban Connection Real Estate Team
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