Urban Team Offers Short Sale Negotiating in Phoenix

nice urban team The big buzz word in real estate is short-sales. Since so many people are upside down in their homes, short sales are one of few options for selling a home these days. The number of short sales is staggering. Nearly 1/3 of all homes currently for sale in Greater Phoenix are short sales and well over 1/2 of the homes under contract are short sales.

Short sales are viable, but negotiating with a home owners lender is the big challenge. Even the most skilled real estate agents are ill equipped to navigate these waters. The rules, time-lines, lender lies, guidelines and daily policy changes are unreal. It is no wonder home owners get frustrated and give up and most agents fail in the process.

Your Urban Connection Team is very happy to announce we’ve partnered with a firm whose sole function is negotiating short sales with lenders. The team is headed up by one of the top minds in the short sale business and supported by a team of former lenders who know the system and how to get short sales done.

We feel this is a perfect marriage of skills. We get to do what we do best… market your home or condo and find a qualified buyer. We’ve been doing that for over 20 years and are really good at it. With addition of expert bank negotiators we can provide a level of service and safety that is fantastic for our clients.

If you are facing foreclosure and want to explore a short sale, we are here for you. Our success rate is already high and we are excited knowing it will be even better now that we have an incredibly talented team of negotiators.

Many of you already know we have a site dedicated to the short sale process. If you have questions, many answers are on the site. Otherwise, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll get you answers. Your comfort and safety is paramount to us.

Best to you,

Gene Urban & Ron Urban
The Urban Connection Team

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