RadiatePhx Meets Bliss Rebar in Downtown Phoenix

bliss-rebar-2 RadiatePhx held its August gathering at the newly opened Bliss/Rebar restaurant bar concept at 4th and Garfield in downtown Phoenix. A larger group met to learn more about this new hot spot once the home of Fate.

Bliss Rebar is a beautiful space mixing wood, brick and metal in an artistic fashion. The bar offers a wide variety of spirits, wine and beer surely to satisfy everyone’s tastes.  Patrons can drink and dine inside or on the two patios. The weather last night was pretty temperate so the patio had a number of diners.

bliss-rebar-1 Radiators, as members of RadiatePhx are often called, were treated to a talk by Mark Howard, one of the three owners of the Bliss Rebar. Mark, a native Arizonan, is an engaging, passionate speaker who gave some background on their choice to open in a space that failed to be profitable for its former operators. His feeling was Fate failed due to price… a problem they have addressed with a wide variety of well priced meals and libations.

Servers brought us a few menu samples including fried sausage ravioli and coconut chicken tenders. Both were excellent and the staff was warm and welcoming too. Other menu items confirm that Bliss is an affordable place to drop in for dinner or weekend brunch. Lots of items are under $10.00 and Mark Howard described a dinner for two that includes 2 burgers, 2 drinks and a large basket of fries for only $20.00.

After the talk, people stayed for food, more drinks and lots of conversation. This in itself says a lot about the space being a place you want to hang out. Many thanks to Catrina Knoebl and the owners and staff at Bliss Rebar for a great meeting.

RadiatePhx will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in September. It should be a great event celebrating an amazing organization that celebrates downtown Phoenix.

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