The FAQ’s When Buying a Home or Condo in Downtown Phoenix AZ (Part 2)

Buying-condos-downtown-in-Phx-AzWelcome part two of our guidelines and answers to questions about buying a home, condo, historic house, or loft in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, We recommend you start by reading our first article, entitled First Things First and the importance of talking to a lender. Naturally, if you are paying cash you can ignore that article and move on to this one.

Once you have worked through the pre-qualification process, you are ready to identify the location, qualities and type of place you’d like to call home. We have a questionnaire we use with our clients to help determine the qualities and location that best suit their needs. You can download the questionnaire here.


Most people start their home search with the home. We think location is a better place to begin identifying the right home for you. If you are opening a business, the experts always say location is the most important thing. This is often true when buying a home. The following are a few things we ask people to think about when identifying the right location for the home you want to buy:

  • How long a drive time to work is acceptable or do you plan using the light rail, walking or biking to work?
  • Does close proximity to a light rail stop matter? If so, how close to a rail stop would you like to be?
  • If you are thinking about buying a historic home, do you have a favorite neighborhood or building style?
  • Do you have a preference of living closer to the sports and financial district? Midtown? N. Central?

Some ask why we think location is so important. Most people spend more time away from their home (outside of sleeping) than in it. By locating the areas that meet your lifestyle, the home will better serve you.


What are the qualities you really want in a home? Some people want a  home office or den? Do you prefer Great Room floor plans. Do you want a historic home or a newer one?  Swimming pools are essential for some people and others really don’t want one.

These are but a few of the questions we ask people to consider. Our 2 page “What Kind of Home Do I Really Want” questionnaire will help you as you consider the qualities that will delight you. You can download the questionnaire here in PDF or MSWord form.

If several people are going to be living in the home we offer this suggestion. Have each adult fill out the form separately and share the results. You may learn some wonderful things about each other and some of the answers may surprise you.


This is a topic better handled by it’s own article. So below is a link to an article about finding and hiring a real estate agent.


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P.S.  We help people find and buy homes throughout Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale AZ in addition to downtown and historic Phoenix.

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