The Slippery Pig a Downtown Phoenix Bike Shop

slippery pig downtown phoenixWhen traveling down Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix you may have seen a place called The Slippery Pig. Some might think it is an eatery but those who have stopped in know it is a very complete bike shop that has been serving downtown and north central Phoenix for over 20 years.

A few months ago the owner, Erik Angermeir, moved the shop to 4412 N. Central (next door to Lux Coffee). He tells me it was a great move and has really connected him to the growing population of downtown Phoenix bicycle commuters.

Angermeir says the Metro Light Rail has created a new breed of rider. This is not to say mountain and road bikers are gone, only to say we now have a growing number of people who commute to work and play by bike and light rail.

stada_at_slippery_pig_phoenixThe gang at the Slippery Pig are seeing more and more people looking for specialty bikes that can use to move around the downtown core as well as ASU and Tempe. Among the offerings are very cool folding bikes. One is an A-Frame looking gizmo made by Strida.

The Strida is a belt drive bike (no greasy chains to get you dirty) and according to the manufacturer is the only folding bike that won’t make you look like a granola-head. Not sure what a granola head looks like, but it must not be a good thing in Strida Land.  The day I was at the Slippery Pig someone came in and bought one of the high-tech marvels. Eric told me he had sold nearly a dozen in the past couple weeks.  The Slippery Pig also carries the Manhattan iPed, a chain drive multi-gear folding bike.

In addition to the folding bikes and associated accessories like trailers, the gang at the Slippery Pig has some sweet road and mountain bikes from Cannondale, Specialized, Niner and more. Since it is an older shop, they also have  tons of parts, accessories and things bike aficionados will love pursuing.

The Slippery Pig is part of the Urban landscape we call downtown Phoenix, the core and home to many. Naturally, they are a member of Local First Arizona. Even though they have nothing to do with real estate, they have a lot to do with what makes living in downtown Phoenix wonderful… a locally owned business that supports the urban life.

Gene Urban
The Urban Connection Team

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