Who Should Help Me Sell My Home in Phoenix?

best real estate agent in phoenix azWe love being Realtors in downtown Phoenix and the outline areas. Every day is an adventure helping someone find just the right house or working hard to find a buyer for a home we’ve been asked to market and sell.

Our goal is for people to have a great time, feel safe and be well-represented. Brother Ron is anything put passive in this quest. He is the consummate professional and never stops digging for information, answering questions and negotiating for the best deal possible… it’s in his blood.

We balance each other very well as I love studying the Valley real estate market, writing articles, and creating custom marketing for the homes we help people sell. Give me lots of data, a computer, a camera and I am a happy camper. The overall result is good for us and our clients.

The proof of our labors is how our clients feel. Are they happy? Do they feel safe? Do they tell their friends and family they had a great experience? Do they say we are the best Realtors to sell their home in Phoenix or buy the perfect place?

We received an email yesterday from some clients we helped last summer. They wanted to sell their home as they were relocating to Colorado. Both were professionals and had purchased homes in the past. Here is what they wrote…

Sam and I just want you to know that we really appreciate what great realtors you are. We are currently purchasing a home here in Colorado. We went with a realtor that was highly recommended by several friends. Let’s just say, he does not even come close to providing the quality of service that you did. Sam and I feel like we are navigating this purchase on our own. So, we just wanted to say “Thank you!” If you ever need any references etc…, never hesitate to call on us. We are so happy we chose you to sell my home in Phoenix.

Another client just posted a testimonial on Zillow for us. She had a home in Willo and was also relocating. We worked as a team to find a buyer for her place. It was a fantastic historic, yet the market was pretty sluggish and few agents were having luck. We did though and judging by what she wrote we achieved our personal goal of having a happy, feeling sale and glad she chose us client.

I interviewed 4 realtors before listing my home. I chose Gene and Ron of The Urban Team as they are consummate professionals. Now that the sale of my home has concluded, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are high energy and did the footwork to price my home at the highest realistic price, gave guidance on how to show it in its best light, and took the time to answer my questions fully. Their marketing was superb — 27 + high quality, artful photos as well as a top rate video on MLS and all the on-line real estate sites. And, the marketing didn’t stop there. They paid attention to details in every aspect of the process. A difficult situation occurred in the sale of my home and they resolved it beautifully. I was so thankful that they were my realtors.

If you are reading this article you may be trying to figure out who you should hire to list and sell your home or condo in downtown, midtown or Greater Phoenix. We would like to be among those you interview for the position. Yes, we said interview as we feel it is important for people to interview several agents to find out who is a good fit for you and your needs. If chosen we can simply say we will do all we can to have the most pleasant home selling experience possible. We want you to be delighted you chose the Urban Team to help market and sell your home in the downtown Phoenix area.

Gene Urban
The Urban Connection Team

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