Downtown Phoenix Homeowners Can Save on Their Electric Bills

I was out today and realized I was hot. Yep, summer is about to kick in and so will higher electric bills. Its just a fact of living in the desert.

When I got back to the office and checked emails I had one from my friend Rosie Romero of Rosie on the House fame. If you don’t know Rosie, he is a long time Arizona contractor who hosts, with his son, a radio show about home repair and maintenance. He also has a contractor referral web site for those looking for a well vetted contractor to do some work.

Rosie’s email was about incorporating technology to reduce electric bills. He says it is fine for me to re-post his article, so that’s what this piece is… saving you money on your electric bill by the Rosie on the House team.

Pay less for electricity with energy management computer

There are lots of things you can do around your house to cut your family’s energy use and lower your electric bill. Rosie’s hands-down favorite: Add a home energy management computer.

Your utility company charges different rates at different times of the day, depending on how much demand there is for electricity. During the summer, for instance, electricity costs more at mid-day when nearly every house is running the air conditioner full-blast than in the middle of the night, when most folks set the thermostat up a couple of degrees, few homes have the lights on and nobody’s running appliances.

An energy management computer “knows” when your utility is charging its lowest rates, and it controls your air conditioning to take advantage of those off-peak rates. You’ll never even know anything is happening because you can keep your house as cool as you like–and still whittle your electric bill by 25 percent or more.

Rosie cut $1,200 a year from his electric bill by using an energy management computer, and he keeps his a/c at a cool 72 degrees all summer long.

Find out more by contacting the folks at Advanced Home Systems who installed Rosie’s computer.

I have not tried one of these systems, but I’ve heard several people comment on them during Rosie’s radio show hosted by KTARFM on Saturday mornings. Every one of these callers raved about the system. So, if you are looking for ways to cut down your bill, maybe this will be something you want to take a look at.

By the way, if you’d like to be put on Rosie’s mailing list this highlighted text will take you there.

Hope this info was helpful. Leave us a comment if you have any first hand knowledge… Urban Connection is about sharing and knowledge.


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