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Welcome to the Urban Team’s page dedicated to Search For Historic Homein Phoenix. The home information is updated several times per day and is provided by the Arizona Multiple Listing Service.


We have the most advance home search tool consumers can use to search for homes in Phoenix and beyond. It is really tricked out. We set us a few custom searches for you to search for historic homes in Phoenix. If you’d like to do your own search, we have an easy to use home search tool on our home page or you can modify one the custom search for historic homes in Phoenix ones we have below.

search for historic homes in phoenix azThe Broad Historic Home Search: We set up a general historic home search that will show you all homes built prior to 1955 in Greater Phoenix. This search includes homes in all parts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale and more.

The Phoenix Only Historic Home Search: Phoenix only historic homes…

The Downtown/Midtown Phoenix Region Historic Home Search: Tightening things up a bit with this search.

We have individual articles on Phoenix’s 35 historic Districts and most have custom searches set up for those individual historic districts such as Willo, FQ Story, Encanto, Coronado and others. You’ll find links to each in the side bar of this article.

We hope we’ve help you search for historic homes in Phoenix. If you’d like us to set up a custom search using the special tools we have access, just let us know.

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