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For a few years now the idea of a truly downtown Phoenix dog park has been the buzz. It gained much attention when Sean Sweat challenged a proposed parking lot west of the Sheraton Hotel. Since then it has stayed simmering on the City’s “things-to-do” list.

As I understand, the City is considering a park near 5th Ave and the 202. I haven’t found too much info on this yet I would guess it’s the park to the east of Kenilworth School and north of the 202. In this location, a dog park would certainly be walkable for Wilo, Encanto/Palmcroft, FQ Story and Roosevelt historic district residents. However, it would be a long trek for many of the people, like Sean Sweat, who have rallied for a downtown dog park.

downtown phoenix dog parkAn alternative proposed by Sean Sweat would place the dog park nearer to the Roosevelt Row region and close to Central. Many find this location better suited to downtown dwellers who try hard to live car-free and are looking for a dog park they get to on foot. I’d say most would agree homeowners in Wilo, Encanto/Palmcroft and Roosevelt are more car-dependent than the students and apartment dwellers on the east side of central and south of the 202.

The question is “what do downtowners think”?  The answers are all over the place. The Downtown Devil ran an article on the subject in January that spurred a lot of talk including 33 comments from a variety of “I love dog parks” people and “Don’t put this is my front yard” folks.

Today, and the real reason for this post,  a petition was started asking for support of a 1st Street location for the dog park. For those who care about the topic and want to voice your support, you have another chance to be heard. Hundred’s have signed this petition that asks the City Council to put the dog park near 1st street and south of the 202.

Here is a link to the actual petition and below is the text of said document. You will have a chance to say why you are signing the petition on their site or you can leave a comment here at Urban Connection… we love comments.

Sign The Petition For a Walkable Dog Park Here:

The Text of The Petition

Please create a dog park on 1st St that’s walkable for downtowners.


I just signed the following petition addressed to: Phoenix City Council & Staff.
Please create a dog park on 1st St that’s walkable for downtowners.
The majority of us downtowners live in condos and apartments, and therefore have no yards. We are also one of the only major cities without a downtown dog park. We need the amenities that will grow our community.

A walkable dog park is very much needed to meet the needs of both current and future residents. The dog park will also help surrounding small businesses by increasing foot traffic — but only if placed within walking distance of downtown residents. The currently-proposed 5th Ave location across the highway doesn’t solve this and doesn’t meet downtowners’ needs.

Instead, placing the dog park on First Street, south of the highway, puts it within walking distance of the vast majority of downtown residents, would bolster local businesses, will connect Hance Park to downtown’s activity, and can be done within the current streetscape project for a very minimal cost compared to other solutions!
Please partner with the community to create a Downtown Dog Park on First Street that will help downtown grow into a thriving urban environment and which will serve the needs of its residents and businesses.

Thanks for spending a few minute with us.

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