Good News For Realty Executives Phoenix

I am at a Realty Executives Phoenix gathering while writing this post.  Realty Executives is the brokerage the Urban Team belongs.

A bit of history about our company.  We are a locally owned company… Not some out of state faceless corporation.  For nearly 3 decades Realty Executives has been considered the premiere real estate brokerage in Arizona. On a national basis we are also pretty famous as ran often rank in the top 20 brokerage sin the US… BTW, the are 10 of 1000’s do real estate brokerages in our country.

Today, there have been some exciting announcements from our President, Gerry Russell. One of the agents in our office, Jennifer Ridenour, has been promoted to now be the Managing Broker for Realty Executives Phoenix.  Jennifer is a good friend and we are sooooo excited for her.

Another amazing statistic is the business volume our agents have done this year. We, the collective we, have helped well over 10,000 people buy or sell a home in the Phoenix area this year.  That is Ana average of about 14 transactions for each of our agents.  BTW… The average agent only does about 3-4 transactions/year.

One other exciting announcement is that our company added 70 new franchises around the world this year.  A lot of people don’t know we have offices in some 39 countries.  This is a huge bonus for us as we can advertise our client’s homes to nearly 10,000 agents across the planet.

I guess that is all for now.  Hoe you have an amazing day.

Gene  Urban

The Urban Team


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