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cherry lynn historic district phoenix az

Cherry Lynn historic district not only has a cool name, the homes are sweet too.

Cherry Lynn Historic District is one of the 35 historically designation neighborhoods in the downtown Phoenix area. Located in the north east region of downtown Phoenix, the Cherry Lynn Historic district is book-ended by 16th Street and Randolph with Earll and Flower setting the north south boundaries.

Our article will take a look at the history of this picturesque neighborhood as well as its standing today. The information was gathered from a variety of sources including the Historic Preservation Office at the City of Phoenix, the state archives and stories handed down over the years… the later may not be accurate but adds flavor.

CHERRY LYNN… the early days and history:

Cherry Lynn’s history is divided into two eras, the Fosburg/Carr period and the Strough. In 1928, Mr. & Mrs. William Fosburg owned the newly created Cherry Lynn subdivision. They employed Marion Carr to help design and market their venture.

To many, this was a chancy undertaking since Cherry Lynn was considered far out of town. It is hard to believe that anything north of McDowell would be considered the hinterlands, but that’s how it was in 1928.

Fosburg and Carr chose to build English style homes in the Tudor and Elizabethan revival styles. By the end of 1929 they had completed 29 of their “ultra-modern English style” homes. FYI: English revivals were the “rage” in the 1920’s.

  • Home sales were strong during the Fosburg/Carr era. They had robust advertising for what they called “The Most Distinctive Subdivision in the Southwest.” In addition to the English designs, they offered:
  • Attractive financing
  • Indoor Plumbing
  • Electricity,
  • Plus, basements, paved streets, sidewalks, street lamps and easy access to shopping, the newly build Arizona Biltmore and downtown Phoenix.

In 1932 Fosburg traded or sold Cherry Lynn to H.M. Strough, a builder from Los Angeles who was operating a cotton farm in Peoria. By all accounts Strough was a hard working, creative thinker. He was one of the few developers who built and sold homes in the early to mid-1930’s. While most builders were hunkered down trying to survive the depression, Strough built 23 homes before he died in 1938.

During the 1930’s the home styles moved from the English revivals to the new fad, Monterey and Spanish revival. This home style gained fame after the 1915 Pacific Panama Exposition in San Diego. If you’ve been to Balboa Park, you have seen the early demonstrations of this architectural style.

Cherry_Lynn_PricesCherry Lynn Historic District… today

As we’ve discussed, Cherry Lynn has features fine examples of period revival homes. Nearly 1/3 of the 68 properties are English style homes, almost 1/2 are Monterey or Spanish revivals and the balance are bungalow or ranch. Also of interest is a Will Bruder modern home built in 1979. The home owners show a lot of pride in their neighborhood and most homes and yards are well maintained. The streets are wide with mature trees creating an intimacy and warmth.

Like most neighborhoods in the greater Phoenix area, Cherry Lynn saw a decline of values during 2007-2011. The near 50% drop  (see graph on right) has made historic home ownership much more affordable. However, prices are on the rise with a nice spring-time bump in 2012 and a similar value upswings in 2013. Since there are a limited number of homes in Cherry Lynn, we expect the low supply and high demand for this region of downtown Phoenix to keep prices on the upswing in 2013 and beyond.

A YouTube virtual tour of Cherry Lynn Historic District:



Below we have the latest info on homes for sale in Cherry Lynn. Since there are only 68 homes in Cherry Lynn, there are times when no homes are on the market. So, if there are no results, that just means there are none on the market today. If you want to keep informed when homes in Cherry Lynn or other parts of Phoenix, toss us an email and we’ll be happy to set up a custom search for you. Our email is

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