Best qualities of a downtown Phoenix real estate agent

best real estate agent in phoenix azWhile attending a real estate seminar the speaker asked us to write down what we thought it took to be a great real estate agent. Since I am a downtown Phoenix real estate agent I added things I felt important in the Urban market. I also had a homework assignment… ask past clients what qualities they thought were important in a real estate agent.

Below is a mix of what I came up with and what some clients added to the mix about being a great downtown Phoenix real estate agent.

  • A great downtown Phoenix real estate agent needs to know a lot about historic homes. We have 35 historic districts and thousands of historic homes in downtown Phoenix. These homes and areas demand a high level of knowledge and expertise. (A Gene Urban comment)
  • The best real estate agents keep in touch and communicate. I want my agent to call me before I have to call them. This is true for any agent, anywhere though. (An Urban Team past client.)
  • A fantastic downtown Phoenix Realtor better know a lot about condos and lofts… especially financing and HOA difficulties. HOA’s are a special animal and can surprise people with special assessments, poor management and the lending difficulties with condo/loft homes are their own animal. (An Urban Team Comment)
  • Ron and Gene proved themselves to be great agents through their negotiation skills. We ended up netting over $30,000 more than expected. Thus, I’d say being a great negotiator is very important. (An Urban Team Client Comment)
  • best real estate agent in Phoenix AZ 2Strong internet, marketing and especially mobile marketing skills are important for a downtown Phoenix real estate agent. Downtown Phoenix is home to a more internet saavy audience of home buyers and sellers. Our investment in a dominant online presence helps are clients. Our home listings are easily found by potential home buyers, especially those using mobile devices. We use advanced text marketing, blogging, paid placement on Zillow and lots more to help our home sellers outperform the market. (Comment provided by Gene Urban)
  • I think a downtown Phoenix agent needs to understand the culture… there is a lot more to living in downtown Phoenix that a home. We choose Ron and Gene because it was clear they did their homework and knew the neighborhoods that would fit our lifestyle. (Past Urban Team Client)
  • Detailed. Some call me a bit obsessive, I believe I have a strong attention to detail. It keeps my clients safe and happy. (Ron Urban comment)
  • We have had many agents over the past 20 years and honesty combined with knowledge is on top of our list for a great real estate agent. (Past client comment.)
  • Flexibility was important when I was looking for a home. Our work schedules were crazy and having an agent team helped as someone was always available when we were. (Urban Team Client comment)
  • Don’t try to be all things to all people… a great Realtor in downtown Phoenix knows his limitations. I have people asking me to help them in east Mesa, I have learned to help them find a different agent who knows that area. I’ve also had people ask me to help them with rentals and commercial properties. I do neither but know some great downtown real estate agents for both those needs. I believe in doing what you do well and love doing.  (Gene comment.)
  • I think the best agents take their job seriously and do it full time. I remember reading that almost 1/3 of real estate agents do it part time. I wouldn’t go to a part time surgeon, a part time investment manager or a part time car mechanic. Why would anyone use a part-time real estate agent? (Urban Team client comment)

We had a lot more comments and wanted to respect your time… another important quality. In closing we simply want to add that we’d like to be your next real estate agents. Best to you,

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