Evans Churchill Has an Interesting Tour 2013

interesting twoI like the name of this tour… it stirs interest. Announcing the 3rd Annual Evans Churchill Interesting Interiors Tour 2013.

What makes the Evans Churchill Tour interesting?

I would say the thing that sets the Evans Churchill Interesting Interiors Tour apart from Willo, FQ Story and Coronado is the mix of mostly commercial with some residential verses mostly, if not all, residential residences. Thus, attendees see a wider variety of properties and experience how, through adaptive reuse, old buildings are revitalized for new markets and changing times.

What places in Evans Churchill will we be seeing at the 2013 tour?

It is a self guided tour with many options and opportunities including:

  • Wayne and Alison Rainey’s special home. (FYI… if it’s the house on Moreland it is a very cool place)
  • The Desoto Building… this place has received a lot of attention lately and was the host spot for the Preserve Phoenic kick-off event.
  • The New Roosevelt Point Apartments
  • Artisan Village
  • There’s more but a little intrigue is important and “interesting” too.
Evans-Churchill MapWhat else is happening during the 3rd Annual Evans Churchill Interesting Interiors Tour 2013?
  • Local restaurants and shops will be offering specials to tour ticket holders. Just show up and win.
  • After the tour has ended (fourish) there will be a Roosevelt Row Pie Social. Tour ticket holders will have a chance to take 2 very special pies. This is happening at 2nd and Roosevelt. Do you think these pies might come from Mama Toledos’s… I hope so.
  • Downtowners having a good time, socializing and doing what all good Urbanites do… have a good time with new and old friends
Where can I get my tickets to the Evans Churchill Tour 2013?
  • On the day of the tour you can get your ticket at the Pop-Up Park at 2nd and Roosevelt… the same place they are holding the pie social.
  • You can also order your tickets online at http://evanschurchill.eventbrite.com prior to the event.

BTW: Tickets for the Evans Churchill Tour at 10 bucks for adults and a mere $8 for students an seniors. Plus, kids six and under are free.

When is the Evan Churchill Interesting Interiors Tour 2013?

Glad you asked. The tour is:

  • Saturday, November 16th, 2013 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • It is a self-guided tour and no motorized transport will be provided… probably best by foot or bike.
  • The tour is sponsored by the Evans Churchill Community Association.

Hope to see lots of friends and real estate clients at the tour.

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