RadiatePHX Announces One Million Coming Downtown

radiate-phx-1Raise your hand if you’ve been to a RadiatePHX event.  If you are not familiar, RadiatePHX is a gathering of passionate people who love downtown Phoenix. It began several years ago as a way for us to introduce people to new restaurants and businesses in downtown Phoenix. At that time it was a grassroots organization. Today it is a significant event where hundreds come to hear about what is and will be happening in our downtown region.

The December RadiatePHX meeting was held on December 16th at the Orpheum Theater. Guests were ushered on to the stage where tables, bars, food stations and music were set up. It was a distinct pleasure to be on the stage verses watch others on the stage… made one feel a bit thespian.

Aventura Catering had staff passing tasty finger food among the guests and Young’s Market offered a craft Bourbon tasting along with a selection of wines.  In addition to food and beverage was the Jazz groups  courtesy ASU and The Nash.  Al these details is evidence that RadiatePHX is a top tier affair.

Over 100 people gathered on stage to mingle, talk and listen to the speakers who took the microphone. First up was Dorinda Bustamante from Downtown Phoenix Inc., one of RadiatePHX’s co-sponsors. She welcomed the guests, and introduced the featured speakers: District 7 Councilman Michael Nowakowski, Phoenix Convention Center Director John Chan and Downtown Phoenix Inc.’s CEO David Krietor.

Nowakowski shared some great Orpheum trivia along with, in my opinion, too much political rhetoric. Why does it feel like politicians are always running for office? John Chan talked a bit about the role the Convention Center will play in the upcoming Super Bowl. Most startling was the figure for people expected to come downtown for the events… over one million. That’s a daunting number and certainly will stretch the limits on downtown’s infrastructure. Last up was David Krietor. I love this man. He is a great speaker and his absolute passion and pride in downtown Phoenix drips off him. He is a great spokesperson and advocate for our emerging city core.

radiate-phx-2Krietor, along with Catrina Kahler of Downtown Phoenix Journal, gave a strong message to the RadiatePHX attendees… What can you do to make downtown Phoenix proud during the Super Bowl events? This type of call to action is why RadiatePHX was formed and makes it different. The founders felt it imperative that the people be part of Phoenix’s future. It is the residents of downtown Phoenix who create the culture and it is those same people who can put to rest the myths that Arizona is just a bunch of crazies.

So I end this post by asking… what can and are you going to do to help make our Super Bowl guest’s feel special and welcome? Do a brain jam on this and come to the January 20th, 2015 RadiatePHX event where ideas will be shared. Let’s tell American and the World that Phoenix rocks and radiates.

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