The Valley Bar: Secret Basement Transformed Into Bar (Phx, Az)


Valley Bar Brings Something Cool To Downtown Phoenix

Charlie Levi (Crescent Ballroom Guy) has that “something special” and downtown Phoenix is his playground. Get ready to play at his newest spot, Valley Bar Phoenix.

The upfront story about Valley Bar Phoenix is cool. Secret basement in old valley building with lots of woodwork, hefty columns, entry though an alley doorway, billiard room, lounge and showroom. Sounds more like San Francisco, Seattle or Chicago doesn’t it?

Charlie Levy is known to play well with others. His main partner on the project is Mr. Vig, Tucker Woodbury, with a support staff of others involved in Levi’s growing business empire that includes the Crescent Ballroom and Statewide Presents.

I first met Charlie when he bought his Coronado Historic home from one of our clients. He’s an affable man with a cheerful fire churning inside. So, when I heard his response to the “why are you doing this” question it came as no surprise…

Because I’m crazy and Tucker and I are stupid and like to work ourselves to death. Levi added, “A basement venue and bar? It’s gonna be fun. That’s it. There’s no real rhyme or reason besides that.”


A few of the details… Valley Bar Phoenix

Valley Bar will be found of the lower level of a mid-century (1951) three story building located at 130 N Central Ave. This is also the location a favorite downtown lunch spot… The Downtown Deli.  Valley Bar will fill out about 8000 square feet and according to permit records will hold just under 500 guests.

Valley-Bar-PhoenixAs mentioned, access will be very cool… through an alley doorway and down a stairway. That’s the kind of feature that makes a place more than its space.

We hear there will be a billiard room (probably pool verses billiard tables), a bar room and showroom for concerts. A bit like Crescent with its own textures and nuance.

Food will likely be a light fare as Short Leash is the one cooking the goods. This is an interesting choice and good as they should keep a reasonable price point, unlike some new upstarts that don’t seem to understand the downtown audience.

Valley Bar Phoenix is anticipating an opening date in late May. Charlie and Tucker have been down this route enough times to know what they are doing.

Until May 2015, we can only wait in anticipation of the newest, coolest music venue in downtown Phoenix, Valley Bar.

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