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fairview place hoems for sale mapWelcome to our Fairview Place Homes for Sale page. Fairview Place is one of Phoenix’s 35 designated historic home districts. It is filled with a wonderful variety of homes from the 1920’s through 1040’s with a nice mix of revival and ranch style homes. Many say it is a good value neighborhood. We agree Fairview Place real estate is priced well for the fine homes you’ll find there.

To find Fairview Place take a trip across McDowell Rd and drive around the neighborhood to the NW of McDowell and 15th Ave. It extends north to Encanto Blvd and west to 17th Ave. Personally, we most like the homes between 15th and 16th Avenue as noise from the nearby Veterans Memorial Colosseum can be a bit much for those on the west side of 17th Ave.

Fairview Place Homes for Sale — History of Neighborhood

We’ve written a full article covering the history of Fairview Place. We’ll excerpt a piece from the article below and here is a link to the full piece.

Fairview Place was platted in 1916, an aggressive move considering how “rural” the public considered the area back then. Today it is hard to imagine 15th Avenue and McDowell was ever thought of as rural, however, in the early 1900’s anything west of 7th Ave was out of the city limits, trolley car lines and decent roads. In addition, the Cave Creek wash was uncontrolled and the arefiarview place homes for sale historya was often flooded. It’s not surprising that the original developer Star Realty, built nary a home.

The 1920’s brought people and triumph to Fairview Place. The Cave Creek dam was built, cars were more prevalent lessening the need for mass transit and the growing cotton and citrus industries out Grand Avenue created jobs and housing demands.

Building in the 20’s was dominated by revival style architecture by Fairview’s new developer, FW Mathiesen. A variety of English Tudors, Spanish Revival, and Southwest style homes were built and still stand today.”

Fairview Place Homes for Sale — Fairview Place Today

fairview place homes for sale cottageWe are seeing a lot of interest in Fairview place. It has many nice period revival homes and the prices are generally lower than nearby neighborhoods like Encanto Palmcroft, FQ Story, Del Norte and Willo.

There are over 300 homes in Fairview Place featuring 14 architectural styles including some rare stone cottages, English Tudors, SW revival and the always present ranch style home. The variety gives the neighborhood lots of texture and charm. Homes and lots are on the smallish side averaging 1200-1300 sq foot homes on lots in the 7500 sqft range.

As we mentioned before, noise from the fairgrounds can be a problem for homes on the western edge of Fairview Place while more interior lots are mostly unaffected. Many homes have been updated by investors who got amazing deals after the market crash of 2007-2008. Thus, many look old on the outside and more modern when you cross the threshold. This can be good or bad depending on who did the rehab work. Some have done brilliant jobs while others should be banned from Home Depot.

Fairview Place is located close to many great restaurants and the ever evolving Grand Avenue district. A short trip east on McDowell will take you to the heart of downtown Phoenix with even more dining opportunities, sports venues, ASU Downtown Campus, museums and more. Talk a look at our 100 things to do in downtown Phoenix to get some ideas.

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We certainly hope our Fairview Place homes for sale in Phoenix page has been useful. If you have questions, find a  place you want to see or want to talk to use about helping sell your place… we’d be honored to help. Just call us at 602-234-5777 or Gene@UrbanTeamAZ.com

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