A growing appetite for downtown Phoenix dining

That’s the title of a very extensive article appearing at azcentral.com today detailing the momemtum that the downtown Phoenix dining scene is gaining.

By Howard Seftel and Megan Finnerty

Looking past the current economic downturn, optimistic restaurateurs believe downtown Phoenix is poised to compete in the next few years with Scottsdale as a dining destination.

The momentum has been jump-started by a group of independent chefs and entrepreneurs who believe in the area’s potential. They, in turn, have inspired a fresh wave of high-profile names with big plans to rush in and stake a downtown claim.

New arrivals say downtown Phoenix has reached a tipping point, energized in part by light rail and the Arizona State University campus.

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  1. I definitely agree that Phoenix restaurants are taking over. Even downtown has some of the best in town, like Pizzeria Bianco and Nobu. I also have heard that some new places will be opening in some of downtown’s projects like CityScape and one of the new hotels.

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