SuTRA Midtown Yoga – Way Cool!

Sutra extMatt & Rebecca Fritz, Coronado Historic District residents, have opened a very innovative Yoga Studio at Midtown’s Sheridan Square on 7th St, between McDowell and Thomas.  Featuring a lineup that includes variations of yoga done to things like ballet, sumba, belly dance and kung fu, Matt & Rebecca are on a mission to “liberate yoga from all the rigid rules, strict poses and preconceived notions that can make yoga so blah, even for people who’ve practiced yoga for years”.  I visited their studio earlier this month, to check out the place and was impressed with not only their “unique class offerings” but also with the space that they have created to provide all of these great experiences for you and I.  Looks like they spent some serious money to renovate the interior of this former window blind factory (if I remember right).

Sutra int waiting areaSutra int 2Anyway, I felt better about my day, my outlook on life and generally received a little emotional lift, just hanging out in the building and I didn’t even take a class.  They have way too many things going on at the studio to list in this short space and so I would advise you to check out their website to view their extensive class offerings & calendar.  Kudos to Matt & Rebecca for following their dream and providing this space and their fresh new approach to the fine people of Central Phoenix and beyond.

SuTRA Website

Downtown Phoenix Journal article about SuTRA

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