Tuck Shop

006The name of this establishment is very unusual, actually when reading some of the Yelp reviews, I thought it was pretty funny that one person doing google searches for the place was looking for Truck Stop.  Anyway, in the heart of the Coronado Historic District at the circle intersection, 12th St & Oak, has arisen a new restaurant whose offerings, the owners have dubbed “neighborhood comfort food”.  The space was originally, a local branch of a Credit Union or Bank with vault still intact.  The building has been transformed by it’s owner DJ, also a Construction guy into a mid-century modern looking hangout.   Sounds like people are liking the citrus brined fried chicken with white cheddar waffles and the gin and tonic with homemade gin and a cucumber twist.                                      


002Yelp Reviews of Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop website

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