How can I buy Midcentury Marvels Commercial Architecture of Phoenix 1945 to 1975

midcentury-marvels-and-the-urban-team-phoenix-az_thumb.jpgWe are darn excited about the new book Midcentury Marvels, Commercial Architecture of Phoenix 1945-1975. We feel it is an important manuscript for many reasons we’ll outline below. Several people have asked where they can buy a copy of the book. We will put a link to that page at the end of this post.

What is so vital and important about Midcentury Marvels and why should I buy my own copy?

  • The reader will become more knowledgeable about the architectural path that created the modernist movement. Lessons in history and sociology are mingled to give one a firm understanding of the modernist style of design and the architects who took thought to form.
  • Phoenix is home to a number of midcentury buildings that are excellent example of the modernist influence on building design. Midcentury Marvels not only gives the reader information about the design and designer, it offers keen insights in the social mindset that drove the movement.
  • Readers will be saddened to see several wonderful buildings that only exist on paper as they have been torn down.
  • You will see great samples of midcentury structures that have been given a stay of execution through imaginative adaptive reuse projects and thoughtful owners.
  • We believe people who better understand the history and significance of our historical buildings (and homes) will become activists for them. Once a great building is torn down, it is gone… even in Phoenix it can’t rise from the ashes.
  • Those who have read this book will be in a better position and mind-set to preserve both our historic and midcentury buildings. In time, these buildings and homes will prove to have extraordinary value to our city, community and people.

The reasons above, and many more, are why you should click on the link below and buy a copy of Midcentury Marvels produced by the Historic Preservation Office and written by Don Ryden, AIA. If you need any additional inducement, the proceeds of this book will go to help preserve and restore our historic buildings so our children and grand children will have a chance to see our city’s history expressed in architecture.

Order and Buy Midcentury Marvels Commercial Architecture of Phoenix 1945-1975 here. Only $20.00

Check Out Our YouTube Video from the Book Signing with Excepts of The Author’s Talk

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