Why do people want to move to downtown Phoenix?

move to downtown phoenixInman News just posted an article showing that Phoenix is one of the most search for areas in the US for home buyers. This got the ol brain a working on why. If you live here you have your own reasons and we’ll put together a list of them on our Downtown Phoenix web site. The question we now pose is: why people want to move to downtown Phoenix?

Rather than post our own answers, we thought we’d turn to our readers to give us their ideas and reasons. We’ll take your answers and post them at the bottom of this article. So think about what friends have said about why they chose to move to downtown Phoenix.

We look forward to your responses. You can post your thoughts in a number of ways:

Send us your idea today so we can start putting together the list of why people love living in downtown Phoenix.

Below is some of the feedback we got from people answering the question…
Why do people want to move to downtown Phoenix?

  • Downtown Phoenix is where it’s happening.
  • Great restaurants in downtown Phoenix.
  • Downtown Phoenix has light rail.
  • It’s a college town.
  • I like the sense of community. People actually know each other.
  • ASU and UA have made downtown come alive.
  • I don’t need to use my car very often.
  • I’m a big sports fan and downtown is great for me.
  • There is so much to do. I never have enough time for it all.
  • The people.
  • Cool old homes and buildings along side the modern. You don’t find that in the burbs.
  • Diversity of people, places and things.

Thanks for the input about why people choose to move to downtown Phoenix. I know there are a lot more reasons so feel free to send some more we can add to this post.

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