The Phoenix Downtown Deli is a top lunch spot in Phoenix AZ

downtown-deli-urban-team-things-to-doThe Downtown Deli is Phoenix AZ offers more than great deli style food, it grants visitors a view of Phoenix’s olden days. For over 50 years and under a few name changes, the family owned Downtown Deli has been serving up consistently good food.

JIm is the owner and comes by his job honestly… it’s been a family thing for over 50 years. His dad and mom moved from the Boston area in 1961 and opened Sam’s Hideaway… Sam was Jim’s dad. The name was changed to Bickoff’s when they moved to 108 N. Central in 1984 and later changed to the Downtown Deli when they made the final move to the current location at 130 N. Central.

I am not going to do a full review of the Downtown Deli. For that I’ll refer you to Yelp and David B’s great review of the place. I like David’s work and he always comes up with a thoughtful twist. I will say that I love the brisket, the rye and their always fresh and tasty cole slaw.

downtown-deli-best-lunch-in-phoenixI did want to delve into the history lessons one can learn when eating your Skyscraper (one of the most popular sandwiches) and chowing down some fries. On the wall next to each table is a placard with old downtown Phoenix pictures and a story or times past. Reminding us of our past makes the present and future more interesting. It’s no wonder books like Vanishing Phoenix and MidCentury Marvels has had such an impact.

The Downtown Deli should be on your places to go in downtown Phoenix. The food is excellent, although not when dieting, and the precious pictures and stories offer rich glimpses into the heritage and history of our City; They remind us of how important our historic building and homes are to us and the children who follow.

Downtown Deli Info:

130 North Central Avenue (Near the Central and Van Buren light rail station)
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 258-3069  (call in pickup orders available)

Open Weekdays 7am-3pm


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