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sell your home in phoenix azSell Your Home in Phoenix – Overview

Below we will talk about some of the techniques the Urban Team uses to sell your home in Phoenix… just as an FYI, we help people sell homes in other parts of town too.  More than likely you were referred to us by a friend, since most of our clients come to us that way. Referrals come from performance, not promises. When we say we can sell your home in Phoenix, we mean it.

To perform our job and sell your home in Phoenix, we integrate a vast number of marketing tools. Our goal is to inform and inspire the largest audience of home buyers and real estate agents about your home and create the interest to visit and buy it.

In the old days, real estate agents simply needed to get the word out to other real estate agents. Today, this is not the case and such strategies do not work. Nowadays, home buyers are using the Internet to shop for their next home. Very often, it is the home buyer telling their agent what properties they want to view.

Thus, our marketing techniques target finding buyers using the internet as well as traditional techniques.

Using the Internet To Sell Your Home in Phoenix

sell home in phoenix arizonaThe Urban Team sits at the cutting edge in Internet marketing. As mentioned in the About US page, Gene Urban is a noted expert in this field. He spends several hours each day ensuring the Urban Team client’s homes have the broadest internet exposure possible. Below is a list of some of the web sites your home’s information may be found:*
Yahoo Real Estate**
Homes &
sell your home in phoenix**

sell your home in phoenix AZThe above mentioned sites are among the most active places home buyers go to search. In addition to these sites we have cooperative relationships with several thousand individual real estate agent and brokerage sites. This means that home buyers using their own agent’s web site search tools will find your home there. is our main blog/web site and features advance market analysis, historic home and condo info as well as topical local issues and the much touted 100 things to do in Downtown Phoenix section. Our articles have drawn the interest of MSNMoney, CNBC’s PowerTalk, CNBC’S Power House, Channel 12 news and thousands of visitors world-wide. Yes, this requires much work and skill, but isn’t that what you want from your agent?

Other Marketing Tools Used to Sell Your Home in Phoenix.

Below are are some of the traditional marketing tools we employ to sell your home for the top price quickly. Check out the testimonials here on our site or on to see we do our best to walk our talk.

SIGNAGE: We use a non-traditional sign for our listings. It is know as the “Paradise Valley.” It is simply a more elegant sign pole system that stands out from the competition and lets people know your home is special.

FLYERS: Your sales and information flyer will be professionally designed to best express the qualities of your home and neighborhood. It will be in full color and available to home buyers driving and walking through the neighborhood. Due to your location, flyers on the sign will have a strong marketing impact.

bedroom-4_thumb.jpgVIRTUAL AND YOUTUBE VIDEO TOURS: A virtual tour is a video-like walk through of your home and yard. Home buyers on the internet can view your home with great detail. Statistics show that homes with virtual tours sell faster and for more money than homes without them. We create both a standard virtual tour and a YouTube hosted home tour.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Your home needs to be shown in its best light on flyers, internet marketing and print advertising… a important job requiring strong skills… we employ the best.

MOBILE BASED MARKETING: Our brokerage has won national awards for having the best mobile marketing tools. Sixty percent of home buyers are using mobile phones and Ipads when searching for homes. Our tools are specifically designed to provide info to these people. We include an extra sign on your home that allows people to text for info about your place including all the pictures and a virtual tour of the place. Due to the location of your condo we feel this will be a great additional marketing tool.

E-MARKETING: The Urban Team uses Constant Contact to send a monthly newsletter to approximately 2000 people in the downtown and greater Phoenix area. We feature our new listings in this newsletter allowing people to learn about your home and share it with friends and workmates.

NEW TOOL – FACE BOOK TARGETED MARKETING:  Today Facebook allows us to post your listing to a targeted audience of interested people. For instance, we can target an ad about your home to a specific zip code, area or group of people. the Urban Team are leaders in this style of on-line marketing and perhaps why they teach this technique to Realty Executives agents across the US and Canada. Just another great way we help sell your home in Phoenix.

AGENT TOURS: In many parts of the valley, real estate oriented companies sponsor home tours for real estate agents to view homes. If your home lays in one of these areas, we will petition to have your home included on the first available tour.

OPEN HOUSES: Although open houses are not a statistically strong marketing technique, some home sellers want open houses. We will go over the risks and rewards and conduct open houses if you like.

REALTY EXECUTIVES INTERNATIONAL REFERRAL NETWORK: Realty Executives, though based in Arizona, is one of the largest international real estate firms. With offices throughout the world working together, you can be assured your home will receive incredible exposure to people relocating to the greater Phoenix area.

REALTY EXECUTIVES AGENT NOTICE: Realty Executives has a vast number of professional agents, well over 1000 top agents in Arizona alone and 1000’s more world wide. Many of these agents subscribe to a company email that announces new listings to the market. Your home will be on this announcement. This can help sell your home in Phoenix.


We work very hard to ensure your home’s listing is seen by as many people as possible. As they say, sales in a numbers game and the larger the audience we attract, the better chance of finding the right buyer to sell your home in Phoenix. It’s not brain surgery, yet it does require a lot of time, training and experience to deliver what we promise.

If you have questions, we can be contacted via the form below, by phone or by email.

Best to you…

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