Short Sale Attorney, Short Sale Tax Professionals in downtown, north central Phoenix AZ

Before we say anything else… if you are selling your home by short sale you really should seek legal, tax and credit counsel…. really!  You have now been advised by a couple guys who work with a lot of people in downtown, north central and greater Phoenix sell their homes by short sale.

Since we require, yes I did say require, our clients to seek legal counsel you might wonder who we respect. To be honest, it is a short list and divided into sections by the services offered. FYI: Shorts sales are a fairly new and few attorneys and tax professionals have much experience. We only recommend attorneys who both consult with home owners and offer lender negotiation services.


The Law Firm of Mack, Drucker & Watson…Full Service Short Sale Negotiations & Legal Services

We’ve been working with Scott Drucker at Mack, Drucker and Watson for nearly 3 years now. Besides being over-the-top knowledgeable about short sales, he is a likeable man. I’d sned my sister to him for advice and I love my sister.

Mack, Drucker & Watson, P.L.L.C.
3200 N. Central Avenue, Ste. 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85012
602-778-9900 (voice)
Ask for Scott Drucker or the Short Sale Team


The Mortgage Mediation Group (MMG) at Thomson Law, PLC

The Mortgage Mediation Group (MMG) was formed by the offices of Thomson Law, PLC specifically to assist Arizona residential homeowners who are facing the potential loss of their home due to a default on their residential mortgage loan. MMG is a practice group inside the law firm of Thomson Law, PLC, and they have a professional staff of attorneys, paralegals, and mortgage professionals. MMG has the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the most dynamic resolutions available and to help homeowners in this trouble market.

Thomson Law, PLC
2701 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 150
Phoenix, AZ 85016
602-774-3757 (voice)
Ask to speak with Gretchen and please have as much information gathered as possible.


Buck Edmonds, PLC

At Buck Edmunds we understand the needs of our clients. Our clients, whether they are individuals or businesses, want to be in control of their legal fees. They want to have a plan. . By using a clear plan and fixed fee pricing, Buck Edmunds is able to provide excellent legal services for a reasonable price.

A note from the Urban Team. Doug Edmonds is one of the most experienced short sale attorneys in Maricopa County. He has helped well over a 1000 home owners with their short sales.

Buck Edmonds, PLC
1425 South Higley Road
Suite 106
Gilbert, AZ 85296
480-603-4988 (voice)



Dobbins Financial, Eric Viavatene

We met Eric at our Fidelity National Title sponsored short sale mastermind meeting. To tell you the truth, he brought up things we had never heard before. He is a sharp man who has a passion for helping people make good choices. Plus, Eric has a way of explaining things in an understandable manner… pretty rare when you’re talking about tax law.

Dobbins Financial
Eric Viavattene
1118 E. Misouri Ave., Suite B-1
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Kingman Winslow, LLC.

We met Marianne Kingman at a Fidelity National Trust short sale mastermind meeting. Simply stated, she blew us away with her knowledge of tax law and ways to keep people safe. She has the respect of many in the field of real estate tax law as well.

Kingman Winslow, LLC.
Marianne Kingman
Paradise Valley Corporate Center
4835 E. Cactus Road, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
602-354-7172  (voice)



Credit Strategies

Mick Bernard of Credit Strategies is anther person we have on our short list of professionals. He is not an attorney, yet he offers a unique service that can be helpful to someone considering a short sale. His advice and strategies have helped people minimize the credit damage associated with short sales. Clients have said his small fee was well worth the services he provided.

Credit Strategies
Mick Bernard
480-502-5554 (voice)

The Urban Team at Realty Executives
7600 N. 16th Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Legal Stuff: The Urban team does guarantee the performance of any firm or individual listed on this page. Please interview and choose your professional help based on your own due diligence.


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