Why Do People Buy Historic Homes in Downtown Phoenix?

Many people have asked us why we specialize in helping people buy and sell historic homes in and around Downtown Phoenix. The answer is pretty simple – because we love it.

What we love about historic homes is that they are distinctive, non-cookie cutter houses with rare character. Often, the homes – which in some cases are around 100 years old – are not perfect. They weather many owners and adjust to the effects of time. In some ways, they might be considered “flawed,” but they’re charming and full of personality, despite those “blemishes.”

There’s a book by Patrick Rothfuss called A Wise Man’s Fear that has a great passage about faults, flaws and love where the main character, Kvothe, is describing a lute he recently purchased – a magnificent instrument with some quirks to the varnish and tuning knob. We think Rothfuss’ words can relate to how we, and many others, feel about historic homes:


What does that matter in manners of the heart?
We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it.
In many ways, unwise love is the truest love.
Anyone can love a thing because; That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket.
But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too.
That is rare, and pure, and perfect.”

Historic homes are not for everyone. But for those of us who resist the status quo and who want a home that expresses individuality that we can transform into our own, buying a historically significant property is the way to go.

This article was written by guest author and fellow colleague at Realty Executives, Gene Urban.

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