Thanks to Our Clients Who Say we are the Best Real Estate Agents in Phoenix

great real estate agent phoenix azThe past two years as real estate agents has been pretty interesting. Lots of twists and turns in the market and significant changes due to foreclosures and short sales. It has taken all the knowledge gained from 30+ years experience and a massive number of continuing education classes to understand this whacked out market and keep our clients safe.

Just when we have something frustrate us beyond endurance, usually a lender behaving badly, we have something wonderful happen like this email…

Sam and I just want you to know that we really appreciate what great realtors you are.  We are currently purchasing a home here in Fort Collins, CO.  We went with a realtor that was highly recommended by several friends.  Let’s just say, he does not even come close to providing the quality of service that you did.  Sam and I feel like we are navigating this purchase on our own.  So, we just wanted to say “Thank you!”  If you ever need any references etc…, never hesitate to call on us.

or this testimonial a client posted on

We first dealt with the Urban team in 2006. They were the selling agents on a home we purchased, and were helpful even though they were representing the sellers.
We decided to use them as our agents for a purchase earlier this year and the decision was an excellent one.

We primarily dealt with Gene Urban as the home was near where he lived. Gene was extremely thoughtful and thorough every step of the way. We were purchasing a short sale and he was able to sniff out the “questionable” behavior that the listing agent and title company were running, and saved us thousands of dollars in the process. He has continued to be involved after the sale with matters involving the home, including recommending excellent contractors and helping us with home warranty service calls. I highly recommend the Urban team.

hugs from the urban teamSo, we’d like to send a great BIG thank you and even bigger hugs to our clients and friends. You really rock. We have to be the luckiest real estate guys out there. It has been and will always be an honor to be of service to you.


Gene Urban and Ron Urban


The Urban Team at Realty Executives
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