Phoenix Springtime Landscaping Tips From A Real Pro

willo 4Among the many benefits of being a Realtor is finding and getting to know some great home related vendors. On of our favorites is a landscaper, Juan Sanchez. Juan is a second generation Arizona landscape guy. His dad started the business and Juan has gone on to form his own company. Today he sent me a list of things people should think about as we come into spring. Some are things I can or like to do and some are best left to a pro who knows things I do not.

Spring Time Landscaping Tips in Phoenix AZ:

aerating phoenix lawnsAERATE LAWNS: Aerating is when you use a mechanical device to open up the soil. This allows nutrients and water better access. Often done before seeding a summer lawn.

FERTILIZE LAWNS: In Phoenix we plant rye grass in the winter and Bermuda in the summer. Due to our desert soils, consistent fertilization is important. Jump on this often for beautiful lawns and gardens.

FROST DAMAGE CUTBACKS: Once we are out of the front season a bit of pruning and clean up is a good idea. If you do this yourself make sure and study up on proper techniques so you don’t damage the plants and shrubs.

SIZE CONTROL CUTBACKS: Sometimes you just have to cut things back to keep them in control. This is especially true of trees that may overhang and rub on the roof. Roof damage from trees often comes up on home inspections and can cause nasty leaks.

FERTILIZE TREES, PALMS, AND SHRUBS: Consistent fertilization is just part of dealing with our somewhat hostile soil.

TREE AND PALM TRIMMING: Same at size control cutbacks but for trees.

marigolds in PhoenixSUMMER ANNUALS: This time of year lots of people like to plant flowers such as Zinnia, Marigolds, Impatients and Petunias. Good soil prep is very important to your success.

INSPECT IRRIGATION SYSTEM: Every couple months it’s a good idea to test all the elements of your irrigation system and very important after we’ve had a freeze or two. Checking your valves and timer are part of the process. There are some valve elements that wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Performing extra lawn and landscape maintenance in the spring will help your plants survive the summer. For some, gardening is fun and you probably like to do it yourself. For the rest of you, having a pro on your team is wonderful. Special thanks go out to Juan for his thoughts and insights. If you are looking for a caring landscape pro who works hard to see you smile, I hardily recommend Juan. Below is his contact info.

JS Landscapes, LLC
Licenced, Bonded, Insured
480-518-6976 – mobile
480-833-1891 – office

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