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breaking-news-Real-estateWe received an announcement yesterday that Realty Executives Phoenix had been sold and would be under new ownership. In many cases that would not be rousing news, however, it is exciting news at Realty Executives Phoenix. The new ownership is noted Phoenix based company, Kinetic Companies.

The new President and CEO of Realty Executives Phoenix is Jeff Murtaugh, a 30+ year real estate veteran, CEO of Realty Executives Tucson Elite and a partner at Kinetic Companies. In addition to Jeff are Joel Moyes and Jeff Hawke, the founding partners of Kinetic. Together they bring a wide range of talents gained though decades of experience at the highest levels.

The Urban Team attended a morning get-together for the management and staff of Realty Executives Phoenix. It was a heartening experience. We heard from our designated broker, Gerry Russell and former owner Rich Rector before Jeff Murtaugh took the podium.

Rector’s talk was deep from the heart. Realty Executives Phoenix was his father’s baby and turning it over to new hands was both exciting and sad… kind of like seeing your kid go off to college or get married. The good news is Rector really likes the new team and knows deep in his soul they can and will take the brokerage to new heights.

jeff MurtaughNext up was Murtaugh. We found him to be a likeable, down to earth and quite brilliant. Of first note, Murtaugh is a man of action and results. When he purchased the Realty Executives Tucson franchise a few years ago it was fairly lack-luster. It had a few dozen agents and some might say “floundering.” Just a couple years later that same franchise has 250+ agents and is on the verge of being the dominant real estate brokerage in the area.

jeff hawke
jeff moyesMoyes and Hawke joined the conversation during a Q&A period. All we can say is “wow do these guys know their stuff.” They were truly impressive. In fact, Ron mentioned their name to a well-known commercial broker/friend and his response was another WOW… those guys are big.

All in all, we are very excited about the ownership change and future of Realty Executives Phoenix. We predict that our 1 year follow-up article will talk about the hundreds of top real estate agents around the Valley who have left their brokerages and moved to Realty Executives. For those of you who have followed us for a while you know our predictions are wickedly accurate.


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