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Chateau on Central 1 We received a lot of email about Chateaux on Central, now known as Chateau on Central. People want to know what the prices will be, when it will open for sales and more. In answer to your questions, here is our early August 2010 update on Chateau on Central in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

In late May the new owners of Chateau on Central, MSI Investments, announced they had selected Rowland Luxury Homes as the General Contractor to finish building out the 21 brownstone project. Rowland is recognized as a superior luxury builder with several national and regional awards including the Best In American Living Award and a #1 Ranking Arizona standing as Best Luxury Home Builder in Phoenix.

Added to the mix is EST EST, a top interior design firm with loads of experience in the luxury market. Their client list is a who’s who in the resort and building world including projects at the Biltmore, Aviano, Desert Highlands and more. According to information from the builders, future owners at Chateau on Central will be afforded the opportunity to custom tailor their homes.

Chateau on Central 2 Rowland is currently finishing construction and updates on the 21 units in anticipation of bringing Chateau on Central to market in the near future. The big question is when is the near future? I can’t say for sure, however, I’d be getting my financing ducks in a row, as well as selecting the agent you want representing you in the purchase. That means I think we getting pretty close to seeing units come to market… my crystal ball says within 45 to 60 days of this post.

I just need to make a statement here about buying a home from a builder. The builder at Chateau on Central has hired a real estate brokerage to represent them in the sale of homes. You can work directly with the builder’s agent or you can hire someone who will represent only your interests verses the builder’s. To me it is a no brainer. It costs you nothing to have your own agent represent you and help negotiate terms and upgrades. They can help you resolve problems that come up, help keep costs down on upgrades, help review the results of inspections & walk-th roughs, plus answer questions about financing, escrow and more. They will do this with your interests in mind verses the builder’s.


We should see Chateau on Central opening their doors to the public in the near future… Mid-September to early October is my best guess. The prices will be much lower than those offered by the original developer, yet one must remember this is a luxury project with homes in the 5000+ square foot range.  That said, we’d rather not guess on price at this time. We’d prefer to wait until be have something real and concrete to tell you.

We expect to get updates in the next couple weeks and well keep you informed and up-to-date about what is happening at Chateau On Central in downtown Phoenix, AZ. If you would like us to put you on our mailing list and keep you informed, just sign up using the button near the top right of the site.

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