Encanto Vista

Encanto Vista features stately brick homes and showcases the depth of Phoenix residential expansion rates following World War II.

The following article from The Urban Team is about Encanto Vista Historic District in midtown Phoenix AX. We will be exploring the history of the neighborhood, where it is at today and offer a list of homes for sale in Encanto Vista Historic District. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help answer them.

A Brief History of Encanto Vista Historic District:

As you study the history of the Encanto area the name James Doris comes up a lot. He was a very successful grocer and businessman from the late 1800’s. HIs accomplishments and wealth allowed him to become a large landowner as well when he purchased 320 acres in the north western outskirts of town, commonly  known as the Encanto area. He subdivided the acreage into what is now the Encanto/Palmcroft Historic District as well as selling land to the city for the development of Encanto Park and the Encanto 9 Golf course.

One of his last efforts before passing on in 1943 was subdividing of Encanto Vista. Sadly, he never saw the development of this sweet neighborhood bounded by 7th & 8th Avenues and Windsor and Encanto Blvd.  in addition to the street boundaries, Encanto Vista is situated between the Encanto golf course and Park as well as lying just to the west of the Willo Historic District.

Encanto Vista Today:

encanto vista historic district homes for saleEncanto Vista Historic District is a small enclave of homes in the heart of the Encanto region in downtown Phoenix, AZ. It is comprised of 79 homes mostly from the mid 1940’s to the late 1950’s… plus a few more built into the 1970’s. Most of the homes are ranch style homes with many being updated to reflect the mid-century modern style that is so popular in the Phoenix area.

The homes in Encanto Vista Historic are mostly red or painted brick ranch style homes with gracious front yards and many with expansive lawns. The homes themselves are large for the era, 1945-1953, with square footage in the 1900 range, as well as 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Some homes have been updated to create a more mid-century modern feel while others maintain the red brick ranch look that is Encanto Vista’s heritage.

The combination of a unique horseshoe like street pattern, very consistent architecture and well kept homes/landscaping make the area attractive and consistent. The homes on the western  edge of Encanto Vista enjoy views of the Encanto Golf course/Park, and all the homes are close to great shopping, dining, walking, golf and the park’s amenities.


Homes For Sale in Encanto Vista Historic District

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