Country Club Park

Opened in 1939, Country Club Park featured functional, yet simplistic designs that are shown today in its Ranch, California, French Provincial, and Spanish style homes.

The next time you are headed up 7th street north of McDowell in Phoenix you may want to take a jog into the Country Club Park historic neighborhood. What you will find is a WWII history lesson written with houses in this enclave bounded by Virginia & Thomas and 7th Street and Dayton.

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The Country Club Park neighborhood consists of 142 homes built between 1939 and 1946. Since World War II came to a head during this building period, you’ll find Country Club Park has two distinct developments… early war and late war.

Country Club Park Historic District, Phoenix AZ… a bit of history

Country Club Park was the brainchild of the Aetna Investment Corporation owned by Mrs. & Mr. Alfred Knight and their friend Joseph Rice. The trio purchased the land from the DuPont family and subdivided it to form Country Club Park.

County Club Park was a modern neighborhood with nice sized lots, curvature streets, a 2.5 acre centralized park and good neighborhood services. In fact, advertisements from the time tell us Country Club Park was “a complete neighborhood with 2 service stations, a grocery store, a beauty shop, barber shop and close to the Emerson School and newly completed North High.” Since it was built after cars became the rage, the lack of a nearby street car line was of little concern.

country club park historic district phoenixThe dominant building style in Country Club Park was Ranch Style with a smattering of Provincial Ranch, Art Modern and Spanish style. In the late 1930’s the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) took a strong role in new neighborhood development and their building standards favored simple, easy to replicate architectural styles.

We do have to mention one more historical piece that makes Country Club Park rather unique. WWII began just a month after the Aetna Investment Company started building homes. Building supplies started getting scarce by the early 1940’s and construction pretty much came to a halt by 1942. The Knight’s formed a new company called the Eureka Investment Company and applied to the newly formed War Production Board (WPB) to obtain materials for building more homes. They won an award and hired the famed architectural firm of Lesher & Mahoney to design the new phase of homes. Most of these homes are found on the eastern and western sides of the subdivision.

Country Club Park Today

country club park historic district phoenix azCountry Club Park is a thriving historic neighborhood. The 2.5 acre park, called Windsor by the locals, sits in the middle of this sweet neighborhood. Most residents agree the homes looking into the park are the most sought after. Many of these were the first to be built and are on larger lots. You will also find most of the non-ranch style homes around the park.

On average, the homes are in the 1500 sq.ft. range on .15 acre lots and with deep setbacks from the street. The homes built under WPB controls tend to be smaller at 1000-1200 sq.ft. and on slightly smaller lots.

Our subjective take on the neighborhood is that most of the people are proud of their quarter. It’s an easy neighborhood to ride a bike and walk a dog.  Ranch style homes lend themselves to mid-century modern redesigns and the deep lots are sweet. It has a decent walk-score in the high 60’s and some of our favorite places are within a half mile including:

  • Rice Paper
  • Calabria’s
  • Humble Pie
  • Barios Cafe
  • Main Ingredient
  • Urban Beans
  • Bard’s Books and lots more.

Homes For Sale in Country Club Park

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