East Alvarado

East Alvarado is a showcase to the evolving architectural style within Phoenix neighborhoods over the decades. Originally featuring Early Ranch or Minimal Traditional style homes, East Alvarado now presents the modern “suburban ranch” style housing.

If you are taking a walk near the Heard Museum, you may want to look at the sweet homes in East Alvarado Historic District. If you don’t have time, we’ve created a virtual tour of the East Alvarado Historic District that will show you many of the homes in this special neighborhood.

East Alvarado Historic, a bit of history:

The homes in East Alvarado historic district are all located on East Alvarado Street between 3rd & 7th Streets and comprises just 30 homes. The subdivision, also called East Alvarado, was plated in May of 1929 by the Greene and Griffin Real Estate and Investment Company.  According to tax records, only one home was built in the early 1930’s while active development began in 1938. This was not unusual as the Great Depression hit the real estate development industry hard and very few homes were built in the early to mid 1930’s.

Most of the homes in East Alvarado Historic were built between 1938 & 1942. Like the Great Depression, World War II brought a halt to home building, only for a different reason. Building material were needed for the war effort, thus in very short supply for home builders.

You will see in our Virtual Tour of the homes in East Alvarado Historic District that many of the homes are Ranch Style Homes. This was a relatively new architectural style verses the more eclectic revival style homes of the 1920. The size of these homes is somewhat unusual though. Most of the ranch homes built in the late 1930’s to early 40’s were small home while East Alvarado sports homes in the 1600 square foot range. In addition to the Ranch style homes you will see a smattering of Monterrey, bungalow and French Provincial homes too.

The major players, from a builder and architect standpoint, were:

  • Paul Burroway
  • Boshes
  • Home Builders
  • CO Gillian
  • HH Green

East Alvarado Historic District

East Alvarado Historic District Today:

East Alvarado Historic District is a very popular neighborhood for many reasons. Its location is darn good with a walkscore in the high 70’s, the Encanto Light Rail stop a couple blocks away and numerous restaurants including Rice Paper, Rollover Doughnuts+Coffee, Green and Urban Vine.

In our opinion, East Alvarado is a tasty place to own a historic home. The home sizes are rather large for the era, they have good architectural variety, and the street scape feels comfortable the the neighborhood’s mature landscaping. Personally, we favor homes on the south side of Alvarado over those on the north. The reason is pretty simple, most of the south side homes back to the large estates on Monte Vista while the homes on the north side back to Oak, a moderatly busy commuter street.


Homes for Sale in East Alvarado Historic District

A look at the homes for sale or rent in East Alvarado Historic. If no info is show it simply means nothing is for sale or rent today.