Encanto Manor

When World War II came to an end, housing demand surged and brought the development of Encanto Manor. While architectural design is diverse in this neighborhood, large ranch style homes make up much of this suburb.

Just south of Thomas Road between 7th and 15th Avenue is Encanto Manor Historic District in downtown Phoenix, AZ. One of 35 designated historic neighborhoods in Phoenix, Encanto Manor is also one of the smallest with 83 homes, a church and parish house. This article explore the history of Encanto Manor as well as take a look at the historic homes that make this special neighborhood in the Encanto region of Phoenix Arizona.

The History of Encanto Manor Historic District in Phoenix, AZ

The story of Encanto Manor Historic District began back in the post WWII era of 1945 and includes two subdivisions, Encanto Dell and Encanto Manor. Encanto Dell is a very small, 2.5 acre subdivision platted by Delbert and Ethel Stapley and currently made up of 5 homes on the eastern end of Edgemont. Encanto Manor makes up the largest portion of the Encanto Manor Historic District has an interesting history.

Two gentlemen, John Lester and L.M. Hammon platted the Encanto Manor subdivision in 1945 after purchasing the land from the estate of James Dorris. However, getting to this point was a bit convoluted. After purchasing the land from the Dorris family, they offer to sell it to the City of Phoenix for $35,000 but the City was not interested. Due to public pressure, the City decided they were interested and came back to the table. The only problem was a new much higher price tag. The City came back using a legal tactic, a suit of condemnation, to obtain the land by emanate domain. The City must have been surprised when the jury came back valuing the property at $60,000… a price the City was unwilling to pay. Thus, Lester and Hammon kept the property and created the Encanto Manor subdivision.

The lots in Encanto Manor were large by post WWII standards at nearly a 1/4 acre and the homes built on them were bigger as well with an average size of about 2000 sq.ft. Most all the homes in Encanto Manor Historic District are of the ranch style; this was the rage in the 1940’s and 1950’s when most all the homes in the development were built.  In addition to ranch style architecture, a majority of the homes were masonry built with a large number of red brick homes.

Encanto Manor Historic District Today

A sweet home in Encanto Manor Historic

A sweet home in Encanto Manor Historic District

A trip through the Encanto Manor neighborhood will quickly tell you there is a lot of pride. Large front yards, many with vast lawns give the neighborhood an open feeling.  Even the homes fronting to Thomas are well loved, something we don’t always see with homes facing busy streets. Edgemont is the preferred street, especially those on the south side where several look out on the Encanto 9 golf course. Yes, you can have a golf course view home in the heart of the city.

Prices in Encanto Manor Historic tend to be higher than some other post WWII subdivisions. We feel this is due to the larger lot and home sizes as well as the potential of a golf course view lot.  That said, home prices for homes on Edgemont were in the mid $200,000 range in the later 1/2 of 2011. Not bad for a 2000 sq.ft home on nearly a 1/4 of an acre lot.  We feel the golf course homes have a lot of upside potential as there are few such homes in the downtown region. Plus, you get a huge lawn in your back yard that someone else maintains. What a deal.

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Homes Currently for Sale in Encanto Manor Historic District

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