Happy News Years Thoughts from the Urban Team at Realty Executives

new-years-phoenix-2012We want to take this moment to send very special New Years wishes to our friends, clients and Urban Connection readers. What an amazing year. We have much to be thankful for and even more to look forward to as we enter 2012. By working together, helping each other, and caring we will make 2012 a very magical year.

A couple years ago, Gene wrote a New Years Poem. We received a couple email requests to republish it in celebration of 2012… so here we are. We hope you enjoy and we sincerely wish you a 2012 filled with wonders beyond the imagination.

Friend… I am the new year.
An unblemished page in a tome titled You.
Your next chance at living big.
All that you imagined and courage failed
All that you hoped while standing still
All the ecstasy left unclaimed
Rest on wings longing to soar.
I am opportunity,
a wondrous gift bursting with prospect.
I am the New Year…
Delight me.

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