The Urban Team To Talk Phoenix Real Estate on CNBC Power Lunch

The Urban Team on CNBCWe received a call from a producer at CNBC. They asked if the Urban Team would like to be featured on the real estate segment of CNBC’s Power Lunch program. It took about a millisecond to say heck yes and the adventure was on.

We were asked to select 3 homes and market data for the Phoenix real estate market. The homes needed to represent a home for a first time home buyer, a historic property (our specialty) and a luxury home. We picked a great first time home buyer home we helped a client sell, a wonderful 1925 Spanish Revival in FQ Historic and a classic rambler ranch in North Central Phoenix.

Ron Urban thought Gene’s experience in speaking would be the best fit for the segment so Gene Urban got the job. Most of our client’s know Gene has spent most of his life performing magic and speaking at corporate events and thus pretty comfortable in front of an audience… well maybe not several million around the world as he was about to experience.

Gene arrived at the studio, script in hand and got set for what was scheduled to be a 4 minute segment. The opening was to be a chat about what’s happening in the Phoenix real estate market and the balance a tour of the 3 homes. CNBC had chosen a number of pictures to use and Gene was to provide editorial comment.

Phoenix Realtor Gene Urban on CNBCGene got his mic/ear bud and put in front of the camera with an ear bud so he could hear what CNBC Power Lunch host Tyler Mathisen said to him. It was a bit of a surprise to Gene that he could not see the actual show. Luckily, Tyler is a consummate pro and led the way though the segment. One other surprise happened when the show’s producer came on just before the live segment was to begin and explained that President Obama had a surprise press conference and they’d need to shorten the piece to under 2 minutes. Thus, the script went bye bye as well as the opening chat about the current status of the Phoenix real estate market.

In seconds Tyler Mathisen was on and the show began. Tyler gave a few market stats and they were off to the races powering through picture and info about the homes. A real tribute to the skills of the CNBC team is their ability to rework the graphics on the fly and cut the segment in 1/2 with only a moments notice.

Afterwards Gene Urban commented, “It was quite a thrill and an honor to have been the one chosen from the 1000’s of other Realtors in the Phoenix market.”

One of the funny bits that followed the show was a great on the fly statement from  Realty Executives President  Rich Rector. His face book comment was:  I thought it was pretty cool for you to be the lead-in for the President of the U.S!

Below is a link to the show. We hope you enjoy it too.

The Urban Team To Talk Phoenix Real Estate on CNBC Power Lunch

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