Lucky Strike Bowling VIP Party in Phoenix

lucky strikeOne of the advantages of writing a blog is you get invited to stuff. Last night I dropped by Lucky Strike Bowling after our inaugural Historic Preservation Meetup event. Lucky Strike hosted a VIP party for several hundred invited guests.

I wish I had photos to share, but I had let my Droid battery go to red. Oh well. Lucky Stick Bowling sits on the second floor of the western part of CityScape in downtown Phoenix. I took the escalator up and entered the mix. As you might imagine, it was full of partiers. My first impression was more of a Hollywood/N. Scottsdale place than what I’ve come to expect in downtown Phoenix.

The staff was dressed in black and the decor of Lucky Strike is slick modern. It is a bigger place than I imagined with 12000 square feet featuring 12 lanes of muted light bowling, 2 lounge areas with full bars, and billiards. They had a DJ mixing a good sound on the fly that kept the audience moving without overpowering conversations and the sound system was sweet.

Food and drinks flowed freely to the gathering masses. I tried one of their sliders, a bacon burger, and it was tasty… especially when chased by a shot of Patron and a Corona. The staff was surprising efficient for a new place… they must have some great trainers.

I look forward to following this place. It brings something distinctly different to the downtown mix. At the same time, I do hope they adjust the feel to better match the community. The clingy black look has been beat to death. I’d like to see trendy bowling apparel to match the place’s theme. I think price is going to be paramount as well if they want to attract the locals.

All that said, Lucky Strike definitely brings something new to the mix and I salute Red Development for all they are doing to bring energy and vitality to the core.

Gene Urban
The Urban Connection Realty Team

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