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When getting ready to list and sell a home in one of our specialty areas like downtown Phoenix,  people often wonder how agents and home buyers will access their home? This is a great question.

real-estate-lock-box-information-phoenix-azRealtors in the Greater Phoenix market generally use a system engineered and built by General Electric called the Supra lock-box and ActiveKey system.  Your house key is stored in a very rugged lock-box created for the real estate industry and manufactured by a division of GE that has been making security devices since the mid-1950’s. This lock box is secured to a door handle, water line, or fence post in a manner that provides relatively easy access by the Realtor showing your home to a potential home buyer.

The lock-box does not have a key slot. It can be opened with a special electronic key that is password protected. According the ARMLS, there have been few reports of lock-box tampering. A lock smith told me that a door lock is a lot easier to open with force than a Supra Lock-box. This is not to say that no one has broken into one of these. It’s just not very easy and stupid when you think about how easy it is to break a window. I hear most criminal are not Mensa members though.

A great feature of the system is the electronic key wirelessly broadcasts the date, time and agent information when used to open the lock-box. This let’s us know who has visited your home, and what day and time they were there. Within minutes of entry, we receive a text message or email advising us that an agent has viewed your home. This really helps us keep in touch with other agents and get rapid feedback on their showing.

You may wonder if you have to put a lock-box on your home. You do not. It is your home and we want you to feel safe and comfortable. The downside of not having a lock-box, in our experience, is you will have significantly fewer showing of the home. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the system, and answer any questions you have. In the end, you are in charge and we will do what makes you feel most comfortable.

We found a great article about the Supra Lock-box system on Just click on the link below.

Information About the Supra Real Estate Lock-Box Used by The Urban Team in Phoenix AZ.

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