Downtown Devil Offers News From an ASU Downtown Perspective

downtown_devil_news_ASUI have this feeling that a lot of Phoenix downtown dwellers don’t know about the Downtown Devil, the student online news forum for ASU Downtown. If you are a reader, you know it’s a great place to learn about downtown Phoenix from the student’s perspective. If not, I invite you to pop in once in a while.

For those who have been hanging around in downtown Phoenix since the 80’s or 90’s, the idea of a collegiate voice is a new one. Yet today, the students of ASU downtown and the UA College of Medicine are a significant and important part of the landscape.

We love the input, thoughts and ideas being brought forth by the university community. As we get older we often get rigid; the students bring awareness and insight that sparks creativity and can break down the business as usual attitude that often stifles creativity. On the flip side, the community can offer students real world experience that helps learning and growth.

If you haven’t already bookmarked the Downtown Devil, I encourage you to do so now and enjoy the insights and information they deliver to your screen each day… free of charge.

Gene Urban

The Urban Team at Realty Executives
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Phoenix, AZ 85020
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