Bowl of Greens at ASU Downtown Phoenix is a great lunch spot

bowl_of_greensI finally made it to Bowl of Greens at the ASU downtown Phoenix campus for a bit of lunch. The somewhat cheesy view from the street had kept me away but I am glad I saw past the signage and went inside.

It is a build your own salad place with a ton of options like 4 types of greens, 30 or so different toppings and meat choices including chicken, shrimp, tuna and salmon. I put together a spinach salad with black beans, broccoli, sprouts, snow peas and grilled salmon. I could have added a lot more like avocado, flax seeds, tofu, feta, grapes or fresh mozzarella but you have to leave something for the next trip… and there will be a next one for sure.

I am not the only one that likes this place. A look at yelp shows that people really like this place. One review say:

This is one of my favorite places to eat downtown during school. Their salads are huge and super affordable. One with chicken is only $7. They also make smoothies that are all fruit for $5. The people that work there are super friendly and are always quick to give you their recommendations. It’s in a great location and is very accessible for students. Because of that and the great food and prices, I will definitely be coming back here often during the semester.

Now that I’ve been to Bowl of Greens, I plan on taking our next real estate client there for lunch. It’s affordable, fresh and energized. I think it adds to the variety of options downtown dwellers and students have in the area.

For more info and a look at their menu, Bowl of Greens has a tasty web site that’s easy to navigate.

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Bowl of Greens is located at 555 N. Central and is open from 7-7 Monday through Thursday and 7 to 4 on Fridays. They will deliver within a 1 mile radius of the place as well. You can phone in your order at 602.795.9710.


Gene Urban
The Urban Team at Realty Executives

Bowl of Greens is on the 100 things to do in downtown Phoenix and a top place to have lunch in downtown Phoenix AZ.

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