The Fillmore Vig Adds To History

The dining options in downtown Phoenix grew a bit with the addition of the Fillmore Vig… number 3 in the line of Valley Vigs. Of note, the newest location occupies one of the oldest homes in downtown Phoenix… the 1914 Cavness House.

A Little History of the William Cavness House.

P1090022In the late 1800’s many cattle ranchers we leaving West Texas to come to the new town of Phoenix, Arizona. Among the migrating families was William and Sarah Cavness’. Together, with their 5 daughters, 4 sons and 2 son-in-laws, they moved to Phoenix where they leased 160 acres in the outskirts of town. By the way, outskirts meant around 7th Avenue and Thomas.

As time when on, the young Cavness boys expanded the business as far north as Prescott, and built family homes in Phoenix while one of the daughters, Blanche, became one of the first women State legislators in Arizona. The William Cavness house was built by T.E Tannehill in the classic bungalow style for William and his new bride Nettie Waddel.

Sadly, despite many holdings by the Cavness family, William’s home, located at 606 N. 4th Ave, is the only survivor. Some believe it endured by becoming home to a variety of businesses including insurance companies, a boarding house, a nursery and several restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, Tucker Woodbury and the Vig gang may have timed things just right with this location. Several others tried before them and were likely a bit too early or not deeply financed enough to make it. Those of you downtowners remember Palette and Local Breeze.

Let’s Talk About the Fillmore Vig

vig fillmore 2The Cavness House and grounds were completely update, tweaked and made spiffy in preparation to house the Vig. An outdoor bar and patio has seating for about 50 or so. Indoors you’ll find lots more room and a sweet looking long bar. The overall look, both in and out, is a blend of industrial with a little period influence.

The Menu is Vigish with some favorites like deconstructed fish tacos, carne asada on pancakes, a variety of burgers, lots of salads, apps and more.

I do like their food… a lot. It is fresh and tasty. My only worry is price at this location. Will $12-$15.00 lunch salads fly for long in the Roosevelt neighborhood? I mentioned this to Logan Purser (Fillmore Vig’s GM) and he said to look out for some great lunch specials. I noticed their FaceBook page had an announcement for $5 burgers on Monday nights.

vigI am pretty jazzed about the Fillmore Vig joining the Urban core. Tucker is a consummate restaurateur and has a good track record for creating community. You’ll find the Fillmore Vig at 606 N 4th Ave in downtown Phoenix… just next door to Cibo. They have happy hour from 3-6, sports on TV, free valet parking, open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 pm and look out for their upcoming Sunday brunch.

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