Bunky Boutique a Great Place To Shop in Downtown Phoenix

bunky-boutique-urban-team-favoriteLooking for a great place to go cloths and accessory shopping in downtown Phoenix then Bunky Boutique is your store. Unlike the chain stores we are often left to, Bunky is a locally owned men’s and woman’s clothing and accessories boutique located on 1st Street just south of McDowell.

Rachel Malloy, Bunky’s proprietor, is a truly nice person and has a great eye for fashion. People who visit always talk about how fun a selection is offered. I’m a fan of her hats and t’s… but that’s a guy thing. what really matters is what others say. Below are a few of the dozens of comments you’ll find online:

best-of-phoenix-bunky-boutiqueBunky is a great little shop that you probably wouldn’t find unless you were looking for it specifically, but would be happy to have found if you did.

If you’re looking for a new piece of unique clothing or jewelry, this should be put on the must check-out list!  Who wouldn’t want to support a local business such as this one?

I love it when I go shopping and the owner of the store assists you with a smile, let’s you shop without hovering over you and makes excellent recommendations that you missed!!

The owners are so nice and I am so glad I found this place while downtown one day. It is a small store but packed full of great finds!

We love to tell our downtown real estate clients about Bunky Boutique and it is on our list of top

100 places to go and things to do in downtown Phoenix


Contact Information for Bunky Boutique:

1437 North 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004-2006
(602) 252-1323
http://www.bunkyboutique.com/ (web site)

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