FilmBar one great place to go in downtown Phoenix

fiilmbar-places-to-go-in-downtown-PhoenixI love it when the name of a business tells you a lot about the place. FilmBar, the brainchild of Kelly Aubey, is just that, a film house/theater and bar. Kelly says the idea came to him while at high altitude… he was flying over Los Angeles.

FilmBar has a lot going for it. The location is close to Roosevelt Row, ASU’s downtown campus, light rail and it has a large parking lot. The building itself is modest from the exterior, yet warm and somewhat Mediterranean once inside. The bar offers 30+ craft style beers and a generous selection of wine. With adult beverage in hand you can take a seat at the bar or retire to the separate lounge area complete with artsy ottoman sit-down-things… they’re unique and the right word just wouldn’t spring from my mind… oh to be a word-smith.

On a fully separate topic, FilmBar is a great example of adaptive reuse… something we need to see more of in downtown Phoenix.

Films are offered up in the micro-theater that features an impressive digital projector, large crisp screen and well tuned audio. The theater seats about 80 thinking film goes. I say thinking because Kelly is choosy about the films he offers his patrons. His film and event calendar is filled with movies you may not know, yet will find expansive to experience.  Kelly says he has always gravitated to things that make you conscious of being alive.

Filmbar-is-a-great-downtown-theaterFilmBar is a place I invite you to make a ritual. Put it on your calendar, invite friends and make a point to experience indie films. Thought provoking cinema helps expand the boxes life can put in and make us more relevant. Plus, you will be perceived by your friends as someone interesting and edgy… just the thought of that is a bit magical.

FilmBar has a wonderful FAQ page that will give you more details and the many events, not all film that happen on a daily basis. The location and basics are below as well:

815 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003    Map


Hours of Play:

Monday, Tuesday
5 PM – 12 AM

Wednesday – Friday
5 PM – 2 AM

2 PM – 2 AM

4 PM – 12 PM

FilmBar is featured on 100 Things to do in Downtown Phoenix.

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