Places to go in Downtown Phoenix, The Breadfruit and Rum Bar

breadfruitSometimes you walk into a place and feel the “something right” about it. The Breadfruit always gives me that feeling. In a mix of wood, large quantities of rum, low comfortable seating and lots of conversations; The Breadfruit welcomes its visitors with warmth and energy. I came in on the Rum Bar side tonight verses going into the cozy, yes that means small, restaurant. The Breadfruit is an intimate place so you may have to wait to enjoy a meal here.

As I write I am sitting at the bar… The Rum Bar. Sitting here makes me feel part of the adventure verses a mere onlooker. Dwayne Allen, a co-owner of the place, is behind the bar orchestrating the details of the night while rum aficionado and bartender Beth sets down a menu between making one of The Breadfruit’s famous rum drinks… yes, the place is a lot about rum with over 100 offerings.

Dwayne Allen comes from the land of rum, Jamaica; Kingston to be exact. Perhaps that is where he gets his boundless energy and attention to the operational details that ensures a guest’s pleasure. I’ve known many from Jamaica and most have been excellent entrepreneurs. My friend Jerrick, also from Kingston, says running a business in the states (he has an investment firm in Boston) is much easier than surviving the streets of his hometown.

On this trip I am having a Jamaican Mule, a mix of Meyer’s, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer; this is almost as dangerous a concoction as ZTejas’ Chambord Margarita. On the food side, Beth’s description of the fresh scallop appetizer gets my attention. Soon I am in heaven with tender scallops seared in rum and a tangy jerk rub. The small meal, a couple scallops with a potato and vegi accompaniment, is a bit pricy at $12.50, yet the spices and preparation make it one remembers well past the first bite.

On the restaurant side, fresh fish and chicken are the mainstay… red snapper, prawns and the brown chicken stew are among the favorites. Check out the full menu here. Be prepared to have your taste buds excited… this is not a carefully Americanized menu.

Most people give the place lots of praises. The  usual downside comment comes from a cost verses quantity viewpoint. If you are looking for Cheese Cake Factory portions, you will be disappointed. However, if you want a great meal with mindful proportions and kickin spice… The Breadfruit is a great choice. It is no wonder it is a mainstay to the downtown locals and part of the Urban Connection Realty’s best places to eat dinner in downtown Phoenix.

The Breadfruit Rum Bar
104 E. Pierce
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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