What is mortgage loan pre qualification or pre approval in Phoenix AZ?

prequalify for a home loan in phoenixSo you want to buy a home in the Phoenix Arizona area. Getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for a loan is an important first step. There are lots of reasons getting pre-qualified and approved for a home loan is so critical including:

  • Getting pre-qualified for a home loan gives you a sense of how much you can reasonably spend on your new place.
  • Home sellers usually require you attach the AAR Prequalification form with your purchase offer.
  • Pre-qualifying for a loan can take several days and you may find the home you want is bought by someone else while you go through the pre-approval process. This can be very frustrating and sad.
  • Credit issues and problems can be dealt with in advance so the home buying process goes smoothly.

pre approvalClients tell us the pre-qualification process is actually pretty simple and painless. Most lenders allow you to submit an application on-line or over the phone. We strongly recommend you work with a local professional who has lots of experience.  Naturally, we’ve worked with hundreds of mortgage pros over our 20+ years helping people buy and sell homes. Below are a few we’ve found to be quite professional and easy to work with.

Judy Giel
Guild Mortgage

Bridget Valenciano
Summit Funding

The Urban Team uses the Arizona Association of Realtors residential purchase contract when helping someone buy a home in the Phoenix, AZ area. A loan prequalification form is usually included with the offer. Below we have a short video overview of this form designed to help you become a more knowledgeable home buyer. Knowledge is power and we want you to be the most informed home buyer possible.


A video tutorial of the AAR loan prequalification form. Forms may change without notice.

Best to you and if I can help you find and buy your next home we would be delighted and honored.

Ron Urban
The Urban Team at Realty Executives


  1. What types of loan programs do I qualify for such as Zero to 3% down payment. Income restrictions. low interest rates. No payment due for 90 to 120 days from close of escrow. Mortgage insurance. Zero to low closing cost.
    My current FICO is around 585 and climbing.

  2. Author


    We would be happy to connect you with one of our preferred lenders. They will be better equipped to answer your questions. The mortgage programs and rates change daily. Would you be ok with me sending them your information?

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