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grand aveue pizza company phoenixGrand Avenue Pizza Company has filled a void for many downtowners, especially those who call the Grand Ave area home. Located on the SW corner of Fillmore and Grand Ave, Grand Ave Pizza Company offers cozy dine in, take out and delivery.

If you just want a slice of pizza, your in luck at Grand Ave Pizza. You can get a slice of good ‘ol cheese pizza, Peperoni or one of their nightly specials. The specials are truly that. Here’s an example of just one: “La Fantasma” black beans, pineapple, pickled jalapenos, mozzarella and purple onions with cilantro-basil sauce. I’m hungry just reading it!

Grand Avenue Pizza Basics at a Glance:

  • The take out and delivery menu has a variety of fresh toppings but is not so many as to make decision making hard. (See the menu to the right and click to enlarge)
  • grand avenue pizza company menu

    Grand Ave Pizza Menu. Click to enlarge

    Pies come in two sizes, 12” & 18”.

  • Prices are the same as the size, $12 & $18 plus a few bucks each for toppings.
  • By the slice pizza is between $3.00 and $4.00 depending on toppings
  • Yes they deliver. The eastern most boundary 16th Street and Thomas so they have pretty wide coverage.
  • They are open late, a sign they know their market. Hours are 8:00 pm to 4:00 pm Tuesday – Saturday.
  • They do not serve alcohol or beer… just sodas.
  • The crust is not the thin style, nor is it so puffy you end up ripping half the cheese off in your first bite. Just the right amount of crispiness and and not too thick.
  • Grand Avenue Pizza Company is located at 1031 N Grand Ave.
  • Grand Ave Pizza Company phone number is 602-253-6107.

grand avenue pizza picI like to check out yelp when first learning about a new place. Grand Avenue Pizza gets a 4 start rating up there. Not bad considering how many people just love to thump a place with 1-2 stars no matter how good the place. Here is one of the reviews I thought entertaining:

We just ordered pizza from these guys last night at 3 AM and it was exactly what we needed! My boyfriend and I get off work really late and the last thing I wanted to do last night was drive back out to get something to eat- these guys were kind enough to deliver the pizza without sweatin’ it and were here faster than any typical chain pizza place. Open late, a lil’ greasy and delicious- you wont be disappointed 🙂

The space at Grand Ave Pizza is cozy… another word for small. They have about 9 stools with some facing the street for late night people watching. There is a little space in front of the very cool, very Grand mural where you just may catch some local entertainment adding to the night. All in all, it feels like a Grand Ave pizza parlor should.

Grand Avenue Pizza has a very active Face Book page and that’s the spot to find out about the nightly special that includes both a description and pic. I see a lot of friends on there page who “like” it too… isn’t community a sweet thing?

Give them a try. They are locally owned, making a difference to the neighborhood and most important, they make and sell pizza. What’s not to like.

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