Radiate Phoenix Is Back

radiate phoenix picAfter a 3 year hiatus, Radiate Phoenix is back with gusto. If you are a long time reader of our site, you may remember our articles about Radiate Phoenix, a non-traditional networking event. We are delighted to say Catrina Kahler, one of the original founders, has resurrected this special gathering of downtowners.

Kahler, the founder of Downtown Phoenix Journal, has partnered with Downtown Phoenix Inc. to take the Radiate Phoenix gatherings to new heights.

The new version of Radiate Phoenix launched on August 26th the UA Medical School’s Virginia G Piper Auditorium. Around 300 people showed up to mix, mingle and hear messages from a variety of people including Mayor Greg Stanton, Katrina Kahler, , Dorinda Bustamante, DPI’s David Krietor and others.

The overall message of the event, was: Be proud and participate in our downtown or as the event tag line says… Connect to the Core. Mayor Stanton hinted at some big and exciting downtown news coming down the pike. Perhaps he was referring to the project under review incorporating the Barrister Building at Central and Jefferson.

radiate-mayor-stanton-2David Krietor gave a little history lesson on the downtown area bringing together the past and present of our fair city. It was an engaging talk that truly had people’s attention.

Members of the Super Bowl Host Committee were in attendance as well giving us a bit of a show and building excitement for the upcoming Super Bowl and events being incorporated in the downtown area.

I simply want to put a big shout out to all the people who came together to bring Radiate Phoenix back in such dramatic fashion. In the old days it was just a handful of us meeting to discuss our visions for the downtown core, now it is hundreds. Downtown Phoenix is certainly radiating wonderful things.

If you’d like to be a part of Radiate Phoenix, just go to the DPJ site and look for Radiate Phoenix. You will instantly be part of something big and certainly fun.

Gene Urban
The Urban Team at Realty Executives

Connecting people to the perfect place for over 20 years

special thanks to Rhonda Bannard for the pictures of the event.

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