Fun Activities for a Memorable Thanksgiving

Every family has had one of those holiday dinners that is full of awkward silences, or maybe even a few arguments. This year, let’s keep the Thanksgiving dinner exactly what it should be –  just a fun, memorable time with family and friends!

We’ve rounded up a few ideas to break the ice, and keep everyone happy and busy.

Game Ideas for the big day:

-Let’s play “Family Feud”! There are several online sources to help with the questions, so find a host, split up into teams, and get ready to scream “good answer!

-Pumpkin Roll: Have some backyard room to spare? Grab a pumpkin, and let’s get rolling! With a broom, have teams roll a pumpkin down and back, and then have the next person on the team go. The winning team is declared once the entire team has rolled up and down successfully!

-Heads Up! is that hilarious game where you guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out. There are several apps and online sources for this one too.

-The Great Pumpkin Hunt: Who said hiding and hunting games were only for Easter? Grab mini pumpkins at the store and hide them around for the kids to find. While this may be more of a kids’ game, a fun twist could include having the kids do the hiding, with the adults doing the hunting.

Games are fun and all, but what about Thanksgiving traditions? We are SO glad you asked! Here a few new Thanksgiving traditions to start this year:

-Binge watch the Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite TV show! The beautiful thing about the internet is a quick search will tell you precisely what episodes to watch.

-Celebrate everyone’s birthday! If this is the one time a year you see extended family members, make it a time to celebrate all birthdays! Blow out the candles and enjoy a sweet birthday pie.

-Do a Turkey Trot! Before dinner, get a little exercise with a Thanksgiving race or walk. You’ll enjoy this time with your family and work up a big appetite at the same time.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

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